Welcome Joanne Drozdowski and Jessica Damon to CMNA RACING!!


96 Welcome to CMNA Racing      96


Drivers Corner: 

Without my family, sponsors, and great friends, CMNA Racing would not be successful. Thank you Everyone for your support!!!

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Obviously there is no I in team and even though there are many people throughout the racing community, We would like to show you the people who work tirelessly every week to keep us running all summer.

Matt Zenisky

Driver: Matt Zenisky
Height: 5'11''
Birth date: March 9, 1978

Short History: There was only one rule Matt had when he was growing up. He had to finish college and begin his professional career before he could jump behind the wheel of a race car. In the summer of 2000 Matt did graduate from Bentley College with a major in Economics and Finance and he began his career in the financial services industry. Shortly after, that summer while working with a Busch East Grand National Team, he had fallen into a deal where CMNA racing was founded. In the Fall of 2001 his dream became true.  He began his racing career and has not looked back since.

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For questions or comments please  feel free to contact us at the following:

CMNA Racing
C/O Matt Zenisky



Bill Schuck

Crew Chief: Bill Schuck
Height: 5'10"

Short History: With a strong engineering background Bill knows how to analize all our set-up info and break down all track info to make our car fast week after week. His at the track work ethic and competitive nature is second to none and makes him a true asset at the track from week to week.

Owners: Charlie and Nancy Zenisky

Without their support, CMNA Racing would not even be here. While Nancy maintains a behind the scenes role, Charlie joins Bill and Matt in the pits every week. A heavy equipment operator by day, after work he can do it all. Our car shows up to the track weekly, looking perfect due to his tireless body work. He can always be counted on for making sure the weekly maintenance in taken care of and all the bolts are tight on the car.  Charlie and Nancy are definitely the two biggest supporters of the race team and really make it enjoyable to be at the track every week.


When I need addtional motivation for a race, I do not have to look any further than my junior team of Anya and Gia Laguilles.   They inspire me to be the best role model I can possibly be and also give my best effort every time I go to the track.

Team Mascot: Harvick!

He tends to think he is the real boss of the team (even though he is scared of the sound of the engine) but after a bad day at the track he is there to pick us all up!

I also have a support ofTony Pion who served as a crew chief for me for a coule of years.

New This Year! Dedicated fans and new "twin" team members Joanne Drozdowski and Jessica Damon. Welcome aboard ladies!

My track crew also consists of my road crew from Rhode Island. They seem to find their way when I need them the most and will support me when I need them the most.

Brian Gustafson

Carl Gustafson

Sean Hennessy

Thanks a bunch fellas. You help make it work.





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Special thanks to Scott and Trevor Nickel for the awesome photographs of the 96 Monte Carlo