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Without my family, sponsors, and great friends, CMNA Racing would not be successful. Thank you Everyone for your support!!!



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CMNA Racing
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  When we set out to start our own team in the summer of 2001, we set two short-term goals.  The first goal was to make a name for ourselves.   Thompson Motor Speedway in recent years has been the best breeding grounds for rising NASCAR stars.  Former Winston Cup driver Steve Park (DEI/RCR) got his start racing every week at Thompson.  Every driver races with the hope that someday they will be in the big spotlight.  We, at CMNA racing are no different.  We want to be the best. We want to be able to win every night.  We want the race fans to see us drive out onto the track and not be able to take their eyes off our car. We know that being the best does not happen overnight, but we are making sure that we are the best we can possibly be every week. 

            Our second goal was to have fun.  We are living a reality that most people dream about.  We feel truly fortunate to be involved in this sport as a race team and realize the level of entertainment that we provide to the fans. 

            We have been involved in Auto Racing for the last 18 years working with various teams.  We have not only learned the valuable technical skills required for running up front, but we have learned the important communication skills that make a good race team truly successful. These skills start with good communication between the driver and the crew so that at all times in the race the car will be running at the fastest it can possibly be.  And if the car is not handling properly, the crew can make the necessary adjustments to bring the car back up to the front of the field.  Other communication skills that we have learned over our racing history, deal with the level of professionalism.  We are professional racecar drivers at the track and have a responsibility to our sponsors and our fans to be role models and take pride in our equipment and ourselves.   Auto racing is considered a contact sport, but at 130 MPH, we have to remember we can get hurt.  Besides not many race fans will watch a car that is in the garage area getting repaired every week.  


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Special thanks to Scott and Trevor Nickel for the awesome photographs of the 96 Monte Carlo